There is little point in putting great effort into specifying the very best glazing to avoid heat loss if the front door is not also considered.

London Heritage Joinery Sliding Sash windows maintain the aesthetics of traditional Victorian sash windows with the benefits of incorporating modern technology that include:

  • We only use Baltic pine, which is a slow grown stable product well adapted to climatic conditions.
  • Double glazing to meet future energy saving requirements, (Part L, 2013).
  • Low maintenance high performance spray finishes.
  • Triple glazed options are available.

Arched or curved wooden windows are available along with various options for bay windows for a home.

If you are looking for conservation Victorian windows and want to know more simply call us for our advice.

Our flush casements retain traditional design whilst packing in all the modern benefits of weather proofing, security & energy efficiency. This includes larger rebates to accommodate double or triple glazing, draught sealing and high security multi-point locking hardware. As with all our windows the timber used is multi-layered, engineered timber and as standard the windows are double glazed with argon filled 24mm units (Ug value of 1.1W/m2K).

We manufacture two styles of flush casement, the performance window which has a higher spec in that it is able to house triple glazing and accept aluminum cladding and our conservation window which has very unique styling that you will not find anywhere else.

The slim line sashes are set back in the molded frame which enhances the appearance of the windows and adds to the design of your property. With doors to match our conservation windows are unmatched for beauty and quality.

Our tilt and turn casement option has been developed & tested to meet ‘Passiv Haus Standard’. If you are requiring optimum performance this is the solution you require.

This window combines perfect performance parameters and a very low heat transfer coefficient. The overall heat transfer coefficient value for the test window achieved Uw = 0,8 W/m2K, which means that the window can be used for high performance eco house construction.

The design also provides increased acoustic performance which insulates 34-db as standard with an option to sound insulate up to 42-db with enhanced glazing options.


London Heritage Joinery uses the latest door manufacturing technology that allows our products design versatility and optimum performance.

Designed with aesthetics and security in mind we appreciate the impact a front door has and have begun to develop a unique range of designs.

All doors can be manufactured out of engineered Redwood, Hardwood or Oak. Whether you require a standard door or a custom designed front door call us for advice.

London Heritage Joinery uses the latest door manufacturing technology that allows our products design versatility and optimum performance.
22mm weather Bar design

Fitted at the bottom of the door leaf this deflects water away from the thresh.

24mm Laminated Glass

High security 6.4mm glass on both panes. Mandatory requirement for SBD (Secure by design).

68mm Door Leaf

Width of the door led, this provides optimum quality, insulation and security aspects.

92mm Frame

Width of the rebated frame which accommodates a flush fitted door leaf.

Complete Gasket Seal

Gaskets around leaf and frame ensure weather tight seals. Compresses when handles engage and doors are shut. The double chamber ensures optimum weather tightness and performance.

Espagnolette Locking

A locking device fitted to the door leaf that engages into keeps in the frame. Operated by the handle, this secure method of locking is mandatory for the highest security levels.

Hardwood Sills

Timber sills are supplied in hardwood in various sizes and and a range of paint and stain options.

Max Dimensions Width 1150mm x Height 2600mm

Thumb Turned Cylinders

An alternative to an internal handle. Operates shoot-bolts in the espagnolette system.

Split Splinders

A security feature which, when the door is closed, without a key, cannot be opened from the outside.

Restrictors (Open Out Doors)

Can restrict opening out doors to a set degree, thus ensuring wind cannot damage doors if they blow open when ajar. Restriction is variable depending on position (up to 90 degrees).

Keyed-a-like Cylinders

Keys may be matched for multiple doors for ease of use.

Frame / Leaf Colour Options

Door frames and leafs can be painted or stained in different colours. Common when frames are required to blend with stone or brickwork.

Double Leaf Doors

Often for large an grand entrance halls a double leaf door arrangement is required which incorporates two entrance doors with a flying mullion.

Cat Flaps

Cut out for cat flaps in panels can be incorporated in many classic door designs.

Bevelled Jambs

In certain angled bay situations the frame can be bevelled to precise angles to assist in site assembly.

Internal Ovolo Mouldings

These add another important aesthetic feature with their elegant profiling.

Hidden Silicon

The hidden silicon detailing of the Traditional range is crucially important on entrance doors where a wide range of colours can be chosen. We recommend all doors be done in this range to avoid any unsightly silicon around coloured panels.

External Putty Bead Design

Our purpose made external mould detail has been designed to give the impression of an external putty bead with its angle and shadow groove. Importantly security has not been compromised with internal beading being retained.

Excutcheon Plates

Escutcheon Plates on night latches available in Brass, Polished Chrome and Black.

Deeper Timber Panels

32mm timber panels in the traditional range allow deeper profiling of grooves and raised panels for the traditional profiling associated with this range.

32mm Laminated Glass

32mm laminated glass is used as standard when the Traditional Range is selected.

Clip in Fixed Sash Detail

Ideal for replacement situations where fixings need to be established through the frame. This feature allows removal of non opening sashes easily and quickly so handling and fixing can easily be achieved.

Door sets to match our window lines. Available in a comprehensive range of styles our French doors are inward or outward opening, we offer a range of threshold details to suit your purposes.

For doors with panelled sections we use thermally insulated timber panels to ensure maximum thermal efficiency.

All door sets are supplied fully finished and glazed all pre-hung with locks and hardware in place.

Side panel options are available within the same frame in order to minimize the size of the frame sections.

These doors can be manufactured to standard sizes and can be purchased from our shop, or we can manufacture to your specific size requirements, please call to discuss details.

Bi-fold or concertina doors are a great design feature for your home. They provide options to make your outside space part of your living area. Fitted with highly efficient glazing system we offer stunning way to enhance your home. All of our exterior bi fold doors are available in softwood, hardwood or oak.

London Heritage Joinery doors incorporate the latest design engineering technology and are fitted with top of the range specification BRIO hardware as standard. The range includes, French, concertina, lift slide and tilt slide doors. All units can be supplied fully assembled or in sections for on-site assembly. As with all our products the timber used is multi-layered, engineered timber and as standard the doors are double glazed with argon filled 24mm units (Ug value = 1.1W/m2K).

Doors fitted with panels are all thermally rated so you can achieve the design your aiming for without compromising on performance.

Our timber bi-fold doors are rebated to house double or triple glazing.

London Heritage Joinery uses the latest door manufacturing technology that allows our products design versatility and optimum performance.
Our non-compromising Lift & Slide zero threshold balcony door system is for achieving the maximum amount of light ingress to your property.

With the unique fitting system by SIEGENIA, we are able to produce sliding balcony doors with a width of up to 18 meters and a maximum height of 2.7 m. Despite such large dimensions, the Lift slide door leaf opens and closes very easily.

The specially designed “warm” aluminum profile which is the threshold of the Lift Slide system makes it possible to achieve a flush threshold from the inside to the outside of your property.

London Heritage Joinery uses the latest door manufacturing technology that allows our products design versatility and optimum performance.