The hardware required by a box frame is remarkably simple when compared to the modern casement window: we tend to believe this reflects the integrity of the original design rather than any reluctance by hardware suppliers to develop this area of their catalogs; after all, it would be in their interests to ‘invent a better mousetrap’. The mechanism is such that little can be done to modify it without completely changing it and this would call for a review of the joinery as a whole. The spiral balance is possibly the major innovation in this line but we consider it to be a different form of sliding window altogether: if budget is a major concern, feel free to view our pages on this type of window.

There is a great variety of sash window hardware available both in terms of price and quality. We tend towards the top end of the spectrum; poor quality hardware can destroy all the good work done by our joinery teams both from a performance and aesthetic perspective. Hardware is available in Brass, Chrome and Satin Chrome as standard.

  • Pulleys are specified according to the weight of the sashes they will be expected to convey and have bearings to assist with smooth running and quiet operation.
  • To help raise the sashes, we fit good quality solid sash lifts onto the bottom rails.
  • The sashes are secured by heavy duty fasteners with a locking facility.
  • To communicate the sash weights to the sashes themselves, we specify hard-wearing waxed sash rope with a nylon core: this resists stretch and fraying and will give many years of good service before replacement becomes necessary.

These items are all included in the price and they represent a full suite of hardware for a perfectly functioning and insurance-compliant window. Having said that sash hardware cannot be substantially modified, it can be upgraded – if you are interested in what is available, click on the ‘Style it your way!’ icon for a feast of delights…