One major difference to the window we deliver to your door and the original that it is replacing is the paint job and the way it is applied.

Since the Victorian period, advances in chemical engineering have made possible types of coating which are, effectively, absolutely different from the lead-based paints of yesteryear. This is a good thing. Likewise insecticide and fungal treatments, if applied before the finishing process begins can significantly prolong the life of joinery subjected to exterior environments.

Paint is another topic that ‘window salesmen’ might wish to discuss at some length; it is, after all, a safe subject. Perhaps our perspective is different to others on this point, effectively we will go to any lengths to prolong the life of the joinery and produce an authentically attractive architectural feature for our clients. It goes without saying that every sash window made here is thoroughly treated before being sprayed with three solid coats of high quality finish. Our standard paint system is Sigma, although we can also offer Remmers as an alternative. All standard RAL colours are available.

All of our joinery is guaranteed for 5 years against paint failure. We would point out that a degree of maintenance is to be expected with a timber window system, it simply does not behave in the same way that plastic does. We supply each frame with a touch-up pot of finish to assist with any minor dents and scuffs that might be experienced during fitting.
There are many reasons that certain properties are restricted to a certain paint finish on the exterior face of their windows, particularly if they are located in Conservation areas, this is no problem for us, you can select any colour or shade from the RAL palette – you can get a RAL sheet at most good decorators merchants, or alternatively, full palettes are available on-line.

We are able to spray your joinery in a combination of colours, for example the sashes might be white while the frame is black. Do not feel constrained; we are pretty confident that any scheme you wish can be arranged. Some combinations might be more expensive than others, this reflects the amount of time required to mask the joinery, flush out the paint delivery system and hand finish all points where colours meet but the results can be stunning!

We can also offer clear lacquers – these are particularly suitable for hardwood windows.

This is too broad a subject to cover here, give us a call or drop us a line, we’re sure to be able to help.

We would mention that, more than any other window form; the boxed frame is a ‘holistic’ structure, i.e. a change in one element will conceivably require a change in one or more of the other elements. The main concern will be weight: we have already increased the weight of the sashes by incorporating a second pane of glass in each, specifying hardwood sashes will increase the weight again. Sash ropes might need to be replaced by chains, pulleys might need upgrading and timber sections and joinery might need to be modified to achieve this new arrangement. These situations are not insuperable, we have encountered many projects where a customised approach is required, although it goes without saying that a higher cost must be expected for this level of ‘bespokery’.